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Management Consulting

IPX Management Consulting, LLC is an intergenerational prosperity exchange that has been providing business management and financial consulting services for nearly 20 years. We have assisted individuals, groups, and businesses with economic growth in a multitude of ways.

IPX Management Consulting. has conducted seminars on career transitions, college readiness, economic empowerment and enrichment, and financial strategies. Our general business services have included technology planning and business strategy.

As a company we deem community presence to be of importance and have conducted workshops for the community at churches, libraries, and for small groups to provide guidance for those building wealth.

IPX Management Consulting. prides itself in individualized service and attention given to all clients in strict confidence. We have now implemented a virtual platform for our Generational Wealth Building curriculum specifically designed as a client-facing program with one-on-one consulting and guidance. This program requires a parent/guardian long-term commitment for sustainability and growth in each of the curriculum modules.

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