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"I was impressed by Dr. Meeks' perspective on money management and retirement planning."

"Dr. Meeks rocks. She teaches money management in a down the earth manner that helps you to rethink how you handle your money."

"The Variety of Services That can aid our knowledge which Can Lead us in great development. Ranging in services From Youth to Retirement"

"The knowledge how to allocate my retirement funds into several sources that gave me maximum return.This process my return I minimum time. I think you for your professional guidance My quality of living will be very comfortable and enjoyable . Thank.You"

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"I was referred by a family member. Upon perusing the website, I was anxious to learn more ways to plan for the future."

"I’ve yielded results I never thought possible in such a short period of time. The services have been professionally tailored to my personal needs while also optimizing my resources. I’m so glad I paused to listen. It has made a difference in my financial freedom."

"I am enjoying the benefits from the wisdom and knowledge imparted by the illustrious, Dr. A. Meeks."

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"I became attracted to IPX because the program leaders were individuals I could connect with and who took the time to understand my personal needs and draft a plan of action for me to WIN!"

"The mentorship provided is unique as the program leaders are authentic and personable. I found great value in building meaningful connections with my mentor and gleaming from their expertise. Furthermore, I recognized an obvious difference in my market readiness. As a result of participating in these programs and mentorship, I was guided to the right spaces to land internships, become LinkedIn certified, and even began a new educational journey to obtain my master's!"

"I am able to understand complex money terms and am now able to set realistic goals to bring me closer to financial stability."

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"Understanding that comparing yourself to others and competing with others is a downfall for trying to achieve financial stability."

"The fact that my mentor was able to speak my language and understand cultural struggles due to her diverse background."

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