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"The Gift That Keeps On Giving"

IPX Management Consulting, LLC is an intergenerational prosperity exchange that has been providing business management and financial consulting services for nearly 20 years. We have assisted individuals, groups, and businesses with economic growth in a multitude of ways.


IPX Management Consulting has conducted seminars on career transitions, college readiness, economic empowerment and enrichment, and financial strategies. Our general business services have included technology planning and business strategy.

As a company, we deem community presence to be of importance and have conducted workshops for the community at churches, libraries, and small groups to provide guidance for those building wealth.

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“Generational Wealth Builder”
IPX Management Consulting
Executive Director

Aisha G Meeks Ph.D. Professional Headshot

An advocate for achieving the impossible and “Generational Wealth Builder”, Dr. Meeks is a champion for the success of future generations. She has over 25 years of professional work experience to include leadership in business and at the collegiate level. Dr. Meeks has conducted financial literacy seminars within communities in various states to include IL, MS, and GA. She is passionate about economic empowerment and uplift. She has worked with Upward Bound and created curricula for programs such as “Career Day,” “Dress for Success,” “Money Matters,” “Economic Development,” “Personal Development,” and “Job Readiness.” Dr. Meeks has worked with transitional women to assist with re-entering the workforce and life beyond incarceration as well as college readiness for parents and teens. Her commitment to the community is evidenced through the various programs she has coordinated and implemented, many of which have been sustained and serve as a blueprint by organizations and clients she has impacted.



This program is designed to provide individuals with a sustainable blueprint of financial and economic empowerment for generations. Topics in the Generational Wealth Builder Program place the power into the hands of parents. This program is designed to improve the quality of life for parents, children, and grandchildren. This is NOT a one size fits all program as it is understood that life situations vary, and we each deal with situational changes. Thus, there may be times when a client must have more than one session on the same course or revisit the same course a year or more later due to life circumstances.  The goal is to build a solid foundation on which generations will “reap what hath been sewn” by those before them.


Courses include 1) Counting for Cookies, 2) Coin Purse/Wallet Shopping, 3) Banking My Allowance, 4) Big Kid Debit Card, 5) Saving and Retirement…I’m Not Too Little, 6) Mind My Own Business, 7), Earned Independence, 8) College Readiness, and 9) Parent Financial Planning sessions on demand.  

Each course is based on individual capacity as it relates to financially, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

This is not a “cookie-cutter” program that can be replicated from one family to the next.


  1. Children learn to count money and invest

  2. Children learn the value of money and the impact of debt

  3. Children learn to shop and make decisions

  4. Children establish financial and business goals

  5. Children learn basic knowledge of banking concepts to include savings and checking.

  6. Children develop a baseline budget and personal wealth plan.

  7. Children become good philanthropic citizens

  8. Children learn how to increase cash flow by earning money either at home or with a business

  9. Children earn independence and a sense of pride

  10. Child and family prepared for college

*** Generational Wealth Builder sessions are private and may require more than one session to accomplish 

goals to build a strategy that is sustainable.

Living Vs. Saving Lessons

"IPX took the time to get to know me and my financial goals, and made complicated financial information easy to understand, even pleasant! After a few sessions with them, my financial life was better organized, and my path forward is very clear."

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